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By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: undergraduate research pre-professional education mentorship

Autonomy, Uncertainty, and Brute Luck Egalitarianism

Topics: politics luck

Kirk Rankin, Philosophy

Peter Vallentyne, Mentor

This research project explored some issues within political philosophy, specifically within egalitarian theory. After reading major contemporary political philosophers and discussing them with Professor Vallentyne, I ultimately wrote a paper entitled “Autonomy, Uncertainty, and Brute Luck Egalitarianism,” in which I argue against Alan Carter’s pluralist egalitarian theory in favor of what is known as a “brute luck egalitarian theory.” I do so within the context of deciding what role of respect for autonomy should play within an egalitarian theory, which I try to show as related to the uncertainty involved in the practice of politics. The paper will be submitted for publication in an undergraduate or graduate philosophy journal.