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By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: undergraduate research pre-professional education mentorship

Effects of Endocrine Disrupters on the Zebrafish Embryo


Andrew G. Turner, Biological Sciences

Anand Chandrasekhar, Mentor

Previous data shows the specific endocrine disrupter Bisphenol-A (BPA) causing a reversible reduction in the heart rate of zebrafish embryos. Results indicate that BPA’s effects are not limited to a certain time period. A closer look at the decrease in heart rate shows a gradual decline, while the recovery is quite rapid. This suggests that BPA has a transient effect, not causing any permanent damage or modifying cardiac or vascular physiology. Three other assays were performed to determine if BPA had any other effects on the developing embryo: motor neurons, sensory response, and swim bladder inflation. My research reveals that motor neurons remained unaffected while sensory response and swim bladder inflation were compromised. Future experiments will focus on a more in-depth look at neurons using antibodies and explore the possibility of an electrical defect.