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About SyndicateMizzou

SyndicateMizzou is a one-stop, web-based resource for information on research and creative activity at the University of Missouri. As an electronic hub for news from all areas of the MU campus, it aims to serve a variety of audiences: citizens of Missouri, prospective undergraduate and graduate students, alumni and alumnae, legislators and other governmental officials, and national and international colleagues and institutions.

The key to SyndicateMizzou is aggregation – combining both new and existing resources in a single, convenient virtual space. Interested readers can easily access its contents most simply by visiting the home page (at either https://www.syndicatemizzou.org or http://syndicate.missouri.edu) and then navigating through its contents by article or topic. Alternatively, they may choose to subscribe to the site through its various RSS feeds (located to the right) and receive automatic notifications of continuous and regular updates.

One major component of SyndicateMizzou is a series of interviews with researchers and creative artists, in which faculty are asked to describe their innovative work in everyday language and in their own words. Each interview consists of a brief text accompanied by audio and video excerpts (including iPod-ready versions) that can be listened to and watched online and downloaded from the site for off-line use. In addition, all of the interviewees have provided further links to news articles, publications, websites, and other materials, which visitors can click on to learn as much as they wish.

SyndicateMizzou is an ongoing project of the Center for research at the University of Missouri.